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Jelly farm Soft Fit face mask(Reuse) (mpacplus Co., Ltd.)

Jelly farm Soft Fit face mask(Reuse)

  • HS Code 6307.90-9000
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    Based on the newly developed polyurethane new material and technology that can be used in four seasons with a light and soft fit, this product has excellent antibacterial, ultraviolet blocking, skin hypoallergenic, saliva blocking, and can be reused more than 100 times.

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Product details


-Available in all seasons, light and soft to wear

-Manufacturing in korea that made of eco- friendly TPU material used in makeup puffs

-3D solid design: Secures breathing space for comfortable breathing

-Ergonomically design: Tight to the face contour line to prevent harmful substances get through

-Excellent elasticity: It won't strain ears after wearing for a long time

-1.5mm slim design and 6g light weight

-Quickly dry to maintain comfortable

-Reusable and economical because it's not deformed after washing

-Neat and stylish design with no sewing line


Certifications (National accreditation testing laboratory)

[Skin irritating test(erythema, edema, papule)] Negative result(no irritating to skin)

[Common safety standard for children's product] Passed

[Antibacterial test] Pneumobacillus ,Staphylococcus aureus 99.9% reduced

[UV Protection test] UPF 50+, Protection rate of 99.9%

[Deodorizing effect test] Deodorizing rate 86% that effectively remove mask unpleasant odors

[Liquid resistance test] Waterproof function can block saliva drops 

Company Information

mpacplus Co., Ltd.

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Address : 102ho, 55, Wangsan-ro 28-gil, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (02565)

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mpacplus Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures high-frequency wave bonding related products such as ;
-Waterproof cases for smartphones,
-Air fresheners(Anti-mosquito),
-Shoe deodorants Patch,
-Micro-cell Makeup puffs,
-Neck Cooler , Face Mask
on the basis of our 36 years of high frequency wave bonding technology and liquid filling technology since established in 1985.