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UniFaceX (AI-based Facial Recognition Solution) (UNISEM Co., Ltd.)

UniFaceX (AI-based Facial Recognition Solution)

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    UniFaceX is a reliable facial recognition solution applicable to various fields including access (entrance) control, work attendance management, security monitoring, identity authentication, unmanned payments, financial security, and marketing. It performs accurate facial detection and recognition of several people simultaneously from a distance and in real time allowing a facial recognition system to operate without causing any inconvenience. UniFaceX is able to detect forgery (use of face image or video) which enables the establishment of a stronger security system. And, it is also able to be integrated with various VMS systems which allow building a facial recognition system with extended functionality. Personal information (facial characteristics information) collected during facial recognition undergoes powerful encryption which enhances the prevention of personal information leaks and the higher protection of privacy.

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UNISEM Co., Ltd.

Address : HQ : 10-7, Jangjinamgil, Dongtanmyeon, Hwaseongsi, Gyeonggido, Korea. IoT Division : 405, 4F, ABN

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UNISEM is the first company to localize gas scrubbers (semiconductor manufacturing equipment) in Korea, by virtue of lavish investment and a challenging spirit since its foundation in 1988. The company also successfully entered the chiller (heat removing equipment) market where it now supplies outstanding products to semiconductor companies in Korea as well as overseas, solidifying itself as a world-class global partner.
The IoT Business Division of UNISEM offers outstanding high-performance systems and a wide range of services in the fields of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Smart Security, Smart Safety and Smart Logistics by developing advanced IoT and Artificial Intelligence-based technologies. The IoT Business Division is a total Video Analytics solution provider that has been dedicated to ceaseless research and development.
The subsidiary company, Korea Smart ID (KSID), is a company specializing in security authentication solutions and services offering the highest levels of digitalized and differentiated security technologies.
UNISEM will build a brighter future by creating new value based on the changes in global trends and bringing IT convergence technologies into life.