Artificial intelligence(AI) Drone Patrol (Korea Expressway Corporation)

Artificial intelligence(AI) Drone Patrol

  • Policy features
    Improves disaster response capabilities by using drones equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to quickly determine disaster situations through branch remote patrol and real-time monitoring

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Policy details

O What is an AI drone patrol?
  - Existing CCTV control only allows oblique monitoring, making it difficult to identify disaster situations, and there are monitoring blind spots.
  - Also, at the junction, patrol spaces occur due to excessive time required during personnel patrols.
  - To solve these problems, develop AI drones using AI functions and LTE remote control technology to improve disaster response capabilities

O Major Functions
  - AI function: Automatic real-time automatic recognition of cars and pedestrians
  - Remote control of drones via LTE communication network through button operation in the traffic situation room without intervention by experienced drone pilots
  - Automatic flight of a pre-set route and live video transmission(monitoring) of HD-class images
  - If necessary, click on the location on the off-path map to move the drone to the corresponding location for control.
  - 30x zoom high definition camera allows long distance remote monitoring.
  - The voice warning system is installed to induce driver and passengers to evacuate the safety zone if a broken vehicle is detected.

Government Organization Information

한국도로공사Korea Expressway Corporation

Address : Gyeongsangbuk-do, Gimcheon-si, Hyeogsin 8-ro, 77

Website :

Since its inception in 1969, Korea Expressway Corporation is a national company that has been leading the construction of highways in Korea.
In a time when money, equipment, materials, and technology were all short of strenuously crossing the barley pass, we have not stopped working in road construction for more than 50 years, starting with the construction of the Gyeongbu Expressway, the foundation of national economic growth.

As a result, the highway, which was only 450km in 1970, is now facing the ‘5,000km era’, tying the whole country in every direction, and the great road of people's happiness becomes the pride of our corporation as it runs toward the future.

Protecting the safety and life of the people is our core value.
We will continue to do our best to create a safe highway environment where the people can trust and run. We promise to provide faster, more comfortable and safer road traffic services by introducing cutting-edge technology and improving old facilities to realize world-class traffic safety.

Korea Expressway Corporation is not satisfied with the present and will continue to add warmth to the lives of the people 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make a better country to live in, and will fulfill its responsibilities as a public corporation for balanced national development and growth.
We will strive to create quality jobs and realize the public functions and social values ​​of the highway. In addition, we will do our best to become a warm company that contributes to the public interest and community development through consideration for the underprivileged and coexistence with local communities and SMEs.

Furthermore, we will grow into a world-class road transportation service company that opens the era of eco-friendly smart expressways and unification.
We plan to lay the foundation for future national growth by introducing smart tolling, an unmanned fare payment system, to sales offices nationwide, and converting all sections of highways into cutting-edge smart highways capable of autonomous driving.

Now, the eyes of Korea Expressway Corporation are going beyond Korea to the world.
We will not stop challenging and innovating so that the expressway, which has become a pride for us in the difficult past, can become another pride for our descendants in the future. Thank you.