Mobile Voucher (KOMSCO)

Mobile Voucher

  • Policy features
    Gift certificates that can be used online and offline through a block chain-based trust platform, designed to supplement the limitations of existing paper gift certificates.

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Policy details


Mobile Gift Certificate QR Payment

Less Financial Burden on SMEs and Highly Convenient Mobile Gift Certificate QR Payment 


  • Safe and easy membership registration
  • Easy purchasing (virtual bank account or bank connection)
  • Payment using finger print or PIN
  • Send gift certificate through phone number or QR Code
  • Setting of automated cash receipt issuance
Member Stores
  • No membership fee
  • No hassle of bank exchange
  • Multiple employee management
  • Daily, monthly, yearly sales management and reporting
  • Attract young customers through remote payment
  • Provide QR Kit and App to App payment


Local Government
  • Easy and convenient issuance management
  • Member store data management
  • Various statistics and reporting management
  • Welfare benefit application and payment management
  • Fraud detection to prevent illegal circulation


Mobile Gift Certificate Issuance and Operation Service Assigned by Local Government




  1. ① Assignment and Operation Contract
  2. ② Platform Provision and Operation
    • Provide Local Government Management Web Service
    • Provide Welfare Benefit Management Web Service
    • Provide User/Member Store App Service
    • Provide User/ Member Store App Service
  3. ③ Mobile App Purchase
    • Gift Certificate Purchase through Virtual Account
    • Auto Purchase of Gift Certificate through Bank Account
    • Registration/Connection
  4. ④ QR Payment
    • QR Kit Payment
    • Mobile App to App Payment
    • Provide Online Payment Module

  1. ⑤ Payment Request and Approval
    • Gift Certificate Payment Request by Member Store
    • Gift Certificate Payment Breakdown Approval by Member Store
  2. ⑥ Auto Request for Settlement
    • Payment Breakdown by Member Store
    • Request for Lump Sum Settlement
  3. ⑦ Real-Time Linked Calculation
    • Calculation Details Return to Account Transfer by Member Store

Integrated On/Off-line Solution

The best integrated on/off-line solution to be provided for the systematic management of paper and mobile gift certificates.




Trusted Platform of Korea chak!


Management From Gift Certificate Orders To Discard

Increased user convenience through paper and mobile gift certificate issuance and management from gift certificate orders to discard.




  • . A system for design production, revision request and order-placing registration
  • . Real-time monitoring of gift certificate sales and exchange status
  • . Integrated management of paper and mobile gift certificate purchase limit
  • . Gift certificate sales and exchange available at multiple financial institutions
  • . Illegal circulation of gift certificate can be prevented
  •   - Abnormal signs analysis of certain users and member stores


Manage the entire flow of gift certificate

From the request for draft design of gift certificate to discard




Government Organization Information


Address : 80-67 Gwahak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34132, Republic of Korea

Website :

Established in 1951, KOMSCO has worked with an important mission as the sole manufacturer of Korea currency.
Our major function is to manufacture and supply a wide variety of security items for the country such as banknotes, coins, checks, official ID cards, passport, government bonds, security papers, medals, quality certification of gold-bar etc. Based on anti-counterfeiting technology in the fields of Currency, and NID, KOMSCO has been sharing its outstanding security technologies with the private sector to tackle forgery items. We lead in protecting the brand with the development of new and easy forgery prevention technologies year after year.

KOMSCO commences the implementation of Korea's first public sector blockchain platform and reveals cutting-edge, anti-counterfeiting technologies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Through flawless quality and public trust and innovation based on anti-counterfeiting expertise, we will take the lead in building a society by protecting transactions & authenticity.