Secure ID & Access Control Solution (KOMSCO)

Secure ID & Access Control Solution

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    Certified secure ID card (Common Criteria certificate) and the access control solution

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Policy details

 ▶ Facts on today's Access Control Solutions  

  - Mifare cards that lacks security features are commonly used in access control systems

  - easy copying of Mifare cards 

  - easy tapping between the cards and the access terminal and is prone to leaking of information within the channel


▶ Things to consider when introducing access control solutions (especially for public institutions) 

  - Related laws

    · <E-Government Law> Article No.56

    ·​ <National Information Law> Article No.38

  - CC certified​ Smart cards

    · minimum of EAL4 grade CC certificate

  - Security strength

    ·​ Encryption key length minimum of 112 bits



▶ Access Control Solution Proposal

  - Card : Smart card with COS that is CC certified (EAL5+ grade). Safe from copying and hacking

  - Key Management System : Creates secure keys and implants those keys to Issue-SAM and Read-SAM

  - Issue-SAM : Secure Access Module that implants secure keys to cards(employee cards etc)

  - Read-SAM : Secure Access Module that stores secure keys safely inside access terminals

  - Mutual authentication : Certifying the card (employee cards etc) and the access terminal are original and safe via secure channel and the secure keys within the card and the Read-SAM

Government Organization Information


Address : 80-67 Gwahak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34132, Republic of Korea

Website :

Established in 1951, KOMSCO has worked with an important mission as the sole manufacturer of Korea currency.
Our major function is to manufacture and supply a wide variety of security items for the country such as banknotes, coins, checks, official ID cards, passport, government bonds, security papers, medals, quality certification of gold-bar etc. Based on anti-counterfeiting technology in the fields of Currency, and NID, KOMSCO has been sharing its outstanding security technologies with the private sector to tackle forgery items. We lead in protecting the brand with the development of new and easy forgery prevention technologies year after year.

KOMSCO commences the implementation of Korea's first public sector blockchain platform and reveals cutting-edge, anti-counterfeiting technologies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Through flawless quality and public trust and innovation based on anti-counterfeiting expertise, we will take the lead in building a society by protecting transactions & authenticity.