Safe Port operation, Maritime Safety Belt (Ulsan Port Authority)

Safe Port operation, Maritime Safety Belt

  • Policy features
    The UPA operates the 'Maritime Safety Belt' for the port of Ulsan, which is a coalition of 17
    relevant organizations to establish a community for the prevention of marine accidents and securing
    marine safety.

    ㅁ Members
    ㅇ Public Organizations : Ulsan Metropolitan City(Transportation & Construction Bureau,
    fire department), Ulsan Regional Office of Oceans & Fisheries, Ulsan Coast Guard,
    Ulsan Port Authority, Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency Ulsan Headquaters,
    Ulsan Port Vessl Traffic Service Center, Korea Marine Environment Corporation Ulsan Branch,
    Korea ship safety Technology Authority Ulsan Branch

    ㅁ Management : Regular Conference(Half-yearly), Working Conference(monthly)

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Policy details

ㅁ Activities of Maritime Safety Belt

  ㅇ Hosting port safety conferences

  ㅇ Producing a port entry information booklet about dangerous cargoes

  ㅇ Establishing an exclusive website that focuses on accidents

  ㅇ Removal of obstacles on the anchorage sea floor

  ㅇ Safety education on handling dangerous goods

  ㅇ Safety education for port workers

  ㅇ Producing/Distributing the various safety manuals. etc.

Government Organization Information

울산항만공사Ulsan Port Authority

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Address : Ulsan Port Authority, 271 jangsaengpo gorae-ro, nam-gu, Ulsan, Korea

Website : http://

The Ulsan Port Authority will lead the future of the competitive eco-smart port

1) History
(1) MAY. 2003 : Legislated Port Authority Act
(2) JUL. 2007 : Established the Ulsan Port Authority
(3) JAN. 2013 : Designated as quasi-market-based public corporation
(4) SEP. 2016 : Opened the seafarer welfare center in Ulsan Port
(5) JUL. 2017 : Marked the 10th anniversary of the Ulsan Port Authority
(6) NOV. 2018 : Awarded the presidential citation at the National Quality Management Convention

2) Major Tasks
(1) The implementation of projects related to the construction, remodeling, maintenance, and repairs
of the port facilities, dredging; port management and operation of the port
(2) Port management and operations such as port patrol, security, management cargo, passerger terminal, etc.
(3) Projects commissioned by the central or local governments in relation to the management and operaion
of port facilities
(4) Studies, research, technical development, and HR training on ideal port management and operation of the port
(5) Construction and operation of commercial and welfare facilities for the benefit of port users
(6) Construction, management, operations, etc. of an overseas sea port

3) Facilities of the Ulsan Port
(1) Ulsan Main Port : After being designated as an open port on September 1963, the port was operated as an
integrated port that supported the Ulsan-Mipo National Industrial Complex. Its main cargoes are coal, animal feed,
heavy machinery, automobile, and liquid chemicals.
(2) Onsan Port : After 1980, the port was developed to support the Onsan National Industrial Complex. Its main cargoes
are containers, mineral ores, petroleum, and chemicals.
(3) Mipo Port : Mipo Port was developed during the 1970s. The port plays an integral role in supporting the shipbuilding
industry and has 9 ship-builiding docks, 5km of an outfitting quay, 210m of the loading/unloading quay, and
facilities that are suitable to build 1 million ton(DWT) ships.
(4) Ulsan New Port : The successful development of Ulsan New Port was completed after 2000 and consists of the
North New port area of the Northeast Asia Energy Hub, the distripark complex, the container Terminal and the
South New Port area(Onsan) with 9 berths for mineral ores, general cargoes, chemicals, etc. Currently, the port has
the facilities to berth 22 ships. The development of the Port as well as Northeast Asia Energy Hub project will be
completed by 2026