National Park Rescue Activity (KOREA NATIONAL PARK SERVICE)

National Park Rescue Activity

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Policy details

The National Park operates 361 personnel dedicated to safety management for a safe exploration environment.

We are responding to various safety accidents that occur while hiking.


Government Organization Information


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Address : 22, Hyeoksin-ro, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

Website : http://

Purpose of establishment
The National Park Service was established with the aim of systematically preserving and managing natural ecosystems, natural and cultural landscapes, topographical and geological resources, such as national parks, in accordance with the National Park Service Act and the Natural Parks Act, thereby promoting sustainable use of national parks and allowing the people to live a healthy and comfortable life in a pleasant natural environment.
Key Features and Roles
- The National Park Service is an institution specializing in park management
○ conservation of national parks
○ Protection of wildlife in national parks and restoration of endangered species
○ Installation and Management of Park Facilities
○ Survey and Research on Natural Park Resources
○ cleaning of natural parks
○ Guidance and promotion on the use of natural parks
○ Development, education, distribution, and operation of exploration programs, such as experience projects related to natural parks, exploration commentary, etc.○ Survey, Research and Ecological Restoration of Natural Parks due to Climate Change
○ International Cooperation in Conservation and Management of Natural Parks
○ a project entrusted by the government or local governments.
○ Other projects prescribed by Presidential Decree are carried out to achieve the purpose of the establishment of the public corporation