Modernize Railway Facilities (Korea National Railway)

Modernize Railway Facilities

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    Expand Investment in Revamping Old Railway Facilities and Modernize Old Bridges

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<Expand Investment in Revamping Old Railway Facilities>

KR established the “Mid- to Long-term Plan (2018-2022) for Investment in Railway Facilities” and has been conducting strategic investment

in rapidly modernizing outdated railway facilities to meet increasing requirements on safety. Approximately 83% of the total budget was

invested in revamping old railways and expanding safety facilities, resulting in decreasing railway-related safety accidents by 32% from

19 in 2017 to 13 in 2018. KR plans to focus on modernizing over 30-year old seven lines in the capital region with the schedule to

complete by 2022, thereby pursuing ZERO old electric equipment and securing the stability of the train operation.


<Modernize Old Bridges>

KR has been carrying out large facility upgrade projects equivalent to new construction to modernize old railway bridges. We completed the

upgrade project (replacing steel material with steel-concrete composite) of Ieoncheon Bridge (located between Shindong Station and Jicheon

Station of t he S eoul-Bussan L ine) constructed in 1 934. T his p roject resulted in reducing noise and vibration drastically and minimizing

the damage to near farmlands from flood by decreasing the number of piers from 6 to 3. KR is currently modernizing Milyanggan Bridge

(total extension of 2,620 m), constructed 115 years ago, with the goal of completing in 2022. KR will continue to modernize outdated railway

facilities and bridges. 

Government Organization Information

국가철도공단Korea National Railway

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Address : 242, Jungang-ro, Dong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea

Website : http://

Newly launched under the new name, Korea National Railway is a fully state-owned quasi-government organization founded in January 2004 for efficient establishment of the national rail network, made up of high speed, conventional and regional rails, and for resourceful management of railway assets and facilities.

Everyone at Korea National Railway is exerting our very best efforts to provide the people with fast, safe and pleasant railways. In 2004, Korea National Railway revolutionized the rail transport in the country with commencement of high speed rail services that brought people closer together than ever before. We are also working on upgrading of existing conventional railways, transit oriented development of station areas, and railway projects in other countries.

In addition, we are making thorough preparations for reconnection of the inter-Korean railways that will serve as the cornerstone of inter-Korean economic cooperation. Furthermore, innovative efforts are made to strengthen our technological competitiveness for Korea’s railways to extend beyond the Korean Peninsula to the world via Eurasia.

You can count on us to go the extra mile and more to create safe and pleasant railway environment that people can rely on and love by actively putting into action our 3-Zero Campaign for zero accidents, corruption, and carryover budget.

People come first always for Korea National Railway and we will always keep in mind that we exist and work for each and every person in Korea.

We look forward to interacting with you to realize even bigger social values together and ask your hearty support. Thank you.