Industrial Gas Safety Technical Support Center (KOREA GAS CORPORATION)

Industrial Gas Safety Technical Support Center

  • Policy features
    World's First Industrial Gas Comprehensive Safety Management Center
    - Safe handling and solution of neglected business residual gas
    - Performance evaluation, certification, and testing of detector and POU scrubber
    - Specialized training and hands-on VR education for industrial gas safety management
    - Conducting research on industrial gas and supporting technical cooperation

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Policy details

1. Neutralization and residual gas treatment
- Protect people's lives and property by fundamentally preventing gas leakage through gas treatment facilities, gas collection facilities, and central control facilities and enabling automatic and real-time monitoring through the central control system.

2. Safety education for industrial gas experience
- Through field-experience industrial gas safety training, the company aims to improve its ability to respond to the gas industry and establish autonomous safety management (VR virtual training system, emergency response training, explosion prevention facilities, etc.)

3. Industrial Gas Detector Test
- The performance of the gas detector is evaluated based on the client's request for eight types of industrial gas detector tests (integrated gas performance tests, constant temperature and humidity tests, wind speed tests, defense tests, etc.) including NO, CO, HCl, H2S, and PH3.

4. POU scrubber test
- POU-scrover testing infrastructure is established, which neutralizes toxic gases and perfluorinated compounds used in semiconductor and LCD manufacturing processes.

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Address : 1390, Wonjung-ro, Maengdong-myeon, Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea

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Korea Gas Safety Corporation is the only gas safety management specialist in Korea that performs various gas safety related activities, such as inspection and check-ups of various gas facilities, certification, education and training, public relations, R&D, investigation and analysis of gas-related incidents in order to protect the precious lives and properties of citizens from the hazards of gas incidents.