Automated inspection system for distribution equipment and hazards including safety-protection deter (KEPCO)

Automated inspection system for distribution equipment and hazards including safety-protection deter

  • Policy features
    『Automated tracking inspection device for distribution equipment』
    Future-oriented inspection and diagnosis techniques to computerize local inspection procedures of abnormal equipment and conditions. Integration of real-time image recognition and detection models are proposed on vehicle inspection environment.
    『Detection automation for electrical safety and protection procedure』
    Safety management system based on object detection of distribution electrical work. Automatic recognition model determines abnormal protection procedures of live-line electrical equipment supporting decisions of on-field engineers.

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Policy details

Promising inspection automation technology for power
line preventive management

 - On vehicle operation (60km/h): distribution
equipment tracking detection with image Sensor-pack / recognition and
inspection management

 - Detection algorithm for over-head electrical
components on speed driving (poles, insulators, transformers, switches, et

 - Hazard detection, pre-fault prevention model: real-time
machine determination and alarming (bird’s nests, hot wires)

 - Over-head MV line (wire) detection, Tree
approaching, Image-based precise inspection, Thermal diagnosis automation


Mobile-based on field services for Electrical safety
and protection supporting system

 - MV live-line/part automatic detection based on
Image-recognition machine learning (`20)

 - Real-time detection support for on-field engineers
and secure safety procedure using machine determination and information application
(GPS, time)

 - Mobile support for consuming checking processes and surpass
communication limitations​ 


The fourth industrial revolution technology integration
and energization on Power system fields

 - Asset and equipment management based on Image detection
techniques: Electrical component machine recognition, Auto-tracking image
sensors, Machine automation and learning, 3D positioning and estimation, et

 - Efficiency improvement by the distribution image
recognition system: Asset management, Distribution network investment

 - Cost / time saving by means of enhanced patrol
inspection system incl. promising technologies (autonomous vehicles et cetera.)

 - Field commercialization for overhead distribution system
inspections (expected `21)​ 

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