K(Korail)-infectious disease prevention and control (KORAIL)

K(Korail)-infectious disease prevention and control

  • Policy features
    Efforts against COVID-19 in KORAIL
    Korail has maintained tha assuring the right to travel and safety during the coronavirus crisis

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Policy details

1. Joint Preventive measures - Government providing transportation

 - Transportation for the overseas arrivals

2. Disinfection of station

3. Disinfection of train - KTX(4.5 times a day on average)

  - Trains and metros (immediately after every trip / 11,200 coaches a day on average)

4. Social Distancing - To prevent the infection

  - Keeping passangers apart in the car by allocating KTX-window seats first
5. National PR - Strengthening PR and easing public anxiety

  - Displaying images and phrases of KCDC's guidelines to inform passengers(every station)

  - sharing information & recommendations(on-board display screens, mobile application)

6. Employee protection-Following personal hygiene measures, Avoid off-line meetings, Cancelling gatherings

  - Mandating and providing masks for all employees

  - Reducing face-to-face communication → Video conference

7. Transportation Support - Providing free train services to medical staff

8. Providing facilities and Supporting face mask distribution

Government Organization Information


Address : http://info.korail.com/mbs/english/index.jsp

Website : http://http://info.korail.com/intro2.html

Starting from the founding of the Railway Bureau in 1984 and the launch of Gyeongin Line(33.2km from Noryangjin to Jemulpo) in 1899, KORAIL is a key driver of encomic growth in Korea by Connecting people and transporting goods along the railway tracks nationwide over the past 100 years. We will continue to prepare for the future where People and supplies in Korea advance into the world through the railway that will be connected to the continent. And we will strive to provide the people with better lives and a valuable future by offering efficient and safe transportation services.
1. Mission
"Korea Railroad, Connecting the People, World and the Future
As a responsible public railway operator, we strive to serve our customers with safe, convenient railway services for their improved quality of life and to complete the TKR-TSR projects for seamless railway transport within the Korean Peninsula and beyond, thereby securing the future growth engine of the Korean Economy.
2. Vision
"KORAIL, a Companion for Every Step of Your Journey"
It describes aims of KORAIL, a State-owned Railway Operator of the Republic of Korea, to deliver social value to its customers by enhancing railway accessibility and to operate international railway services on the connected TKR-TSR network.
3. Core Values
- Safety(safety of the People, Ability to Secure Safety) :
AS safe railway service is our top priority and a core value, we apply cutting-edge technology in our railway operation to enhance safety.
- Customer(Customer Satisfaction/Employee Satisfaction):
We carefully listen to our customers to provide quality customer services.
- Communication(Communication with Customers/Management-Labour Cooperation):
We innovate our corporate culture through active communication and management-labour cooperation.
4.management Policy
Safe Railway, Convenient Railway, Devotion to People, Future-Oriented Railway Operation