Incheon airport air navigation safety facilities (Incheon International Airport Corporation)

Incheon airport air navigation safety facilities

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    Gateway to Korea, Incheon Airport keeps safety as a top priority and committed to manage air navigation safety facilities properly all the time.

    Facilities based on cutting edge technology and experts of air navigation safety are all there for safe airway.

    Start a happy and safe travel from Incheon Airport which prioritizes passengers’ safety first :)

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인천국제공항공사Incheon International Airport Corporation

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Address : 47, Gonghang-ro 424beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

Website : http://

Incheon International Airport, which opened in 2001, is serving people safely and conveniently with our finest services and operational experience. With our pride and responsibility as a gate to the Republic of Korea, Incheon Airport has newly established what standard international airport services should be and become an airport loved by people around the world.

In line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with our fastest, easiest and safest services, we will continue to develop technologies and invest in facilities to ensure that every second you spend at our airport is convenient and comfortable. Furthermore, we will safely and impeccably operate the airport and remain committed to zero accident and shutdown.