Energy Safety Demonstration Research Center (KOREA GAS CORPORATION)

Energy Safety Demonstration Research Center

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    Korea Gas Safety Corporation's Energy Safety Verification Research Center is a research institute specializing in demonstration testing and certification of ultra-high pressure and ultra-low temperature gas products. It is the only gas safety research institute in Korea and has facilities that can promote R&D, demonstration test, certification, commercialization and institutionalization on a one-stop basis.

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Policy details

1. Demonstration test of fire explosion
- Demonstrate hydrogen, compressed natural gas (CNG), LPG parts, containers, and facilities by utilizing indoor and outdoor test sites where large-capacity fire explosion demonstration tests are possible.

2. Demonstration test of combustible gas
- Establish a system that can pressurize hydrogen up to 120MPa to ensure the quality and safety of gas products by reproducing the same situation as the actual use environment using combustible gases such as hydrogen and compressed natural gas (CNG).

3. Demonstration test for ultra-high pressure and ultra-low temperature
- A system that can pressurize non-compressible fluids such as water up to 400MPa is established to conduct empirical tests that are the basis for product safety verification such as internal pressure  rupture test and extreme temperature test.

4. Testing and certification of protection facilities
- Testing and certification of protection facilities that can protect people's lives in an emergency by establishing a world-class testing and certification infrastructure and securing objectivity and fairness in certification tests of protection products.

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Address : 1390, Wonjung-ro, Maengdong-myeon, Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea

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Korea Gas Safety Corporation is the only gas safety management specialist in Korea that performs various gas safety related activities, such as inspection and check-ups of various gas facilities, certification, education and training, public relations, R&D, investigation and analysis of gas-related incidents in order to protect the precious lives and properties of citizens from the hazards of gas incidents.